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We offer deluxe consultancy, design and build services for interiors and gardens. We can even improve your property to create the ultimate in luxurious lifestyles by having your own, one of a kind, swimming pool to love!
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With more than 10 years’ experience within architecture and swimming pool design, we are able to ensure any client feels confident in our design service, with the knowledge that we know the industry exceptionally well.
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We are available to help you at any stage of your design and development process, and have multiple packages available to cater for your needs.
Here, at L’Azure, we pride ourselves in developing a professional yet personal rapport with our clients.
Bespoke Designs
Each individual project is custom made for you and is unlike any other service you will find within the market, due to our incredible specialized technology.

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Interior Design

Featured Project

We are extremely passionate about creating impeccable designs and offering an unparalleled level of immersion when it comes to our planning and presentation tools. And,

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Dynamics and Interactivity

We believe you can’t feel a space without movement. A rendered image can express a beautiful intent in a project, but without movement and interactivity there is no emotion. We use dynamics, sound and virtual reality to express emotion and bring your project to life. At L’Azure Consultancy we want to design spaces meant for wellness and recreation, where the state of mind is most important. Therefore, experiencing your project through our visualization services, you are able to ensure this is successfully achieved.

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Lights and Materials

Special attention is given to lighting because anything can be made to look good with the right light and correct materials. We can simulate accurate natural light during day and night throughout the year, so you are able to pick the best materials that look good in all lighting. All materials used in visualizations can be specially made after samples hand-picked by our clients. This ensures an impeccable overall image is achieved of the final product.

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We can simulate different scenarios for our clients for an even more immersive experience. As well as different viewing points, we offer scenarios such as different seasons, weather, day or night, plus many more. A brilliantly original possibility we offer all clients with our deluxe package.

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Custom Made 3D Models

We can create specially made models of interior design or furniture to demonstrate certain elements of the project, providing a realistic and immersive experience of your project through the development and design process.

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Online Meetings

If for any reason we cannot meet the client face to face, we can quickly and easily arrange an online presentation of the project where multiple users can join in to discuss any issues or possible changes. Where ever you are, there is no need to slow down your design process with us.

"Light, God's oldest daughter is a principle beauty in a building."


Our Creations

To enable you to further understand our innovative services regarding architectural visualization, we have provided you with a downloadable online demo. This demo, which is linked below,offers an animated indoor swimming pool with scenarios and interactivity so you can see for yourselves how outstanding our service is.

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    Containing lots of useful information like:
    • Interior design principles;
    • Project management;
    • Budgeting information;
    • Shopping tips;
    • Showcased projects;
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    Request a copy of our

    Interior Design Guide

    Containing lots of useful information like:
    • Interior design principles;
    • Project management;
    • Budgeting information;
    • Shopping tips;
    • Showcased projects;
    • Accessories and final touches.

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