Design, Visualise and Build

Nothing quite says luxury like a one-of-a-kind, custom swimming pool on your property. Designed to perfectly complement and enhance your home or business, our luxury swimming pools will make a world of difference in both your property and your lifestyle.

Here at L’Azure Consultancy, we pride ourselves in our ability to turn our exclusive clients’ dreams into reality. Our consultancy service takes the lead before any work is done, working closely with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction every step of the way. From the initial planning stages where we find out precisely what our customers want to the design phase to building phase, our team is always on point. Each part of the process is carefully considered and executed, leaving you to enjoy the experience of creating your new luxury swimming pool.

What you can expect

Our process is comprised of four primary parts. An initial consultation, the design phase, the creation phase, and the follow up.

During the first free consultation, our primary goal is to learn as much about our clients as possible. We get to know the client and what direction they would like their new luxury swimming pool project to go. The free consultation is especially important for both us and our clients because our work is tailored to each new client exclusively.

Once we have come to an understanding about the size, scope and direction for the project at hand, our talented design team creates a series of photorealistic virtual mockups of the proposed project. No other custom luxury swimming pool contractor can provide such an accurate depiction of the finished product before it is built.

When our clients select a favourite design, our swimming pool builders get to work preparing the site for the new property features to be installed. Our skilled contractors work efficiently and provide services to the same impeccable standard our clients expect from a luxury contractor of our caliber. During the installation process, regular updates and progress reports are available to our clients so they can see what is being done throughout each stage of construction.

When complete, a complete battery of tests is performed to ensure that the new equipment is working at its peak performance. Testing involves the physical construction of the swimming pool, the equipment used in the operation of the pool, and then finally, the water temperature and parameters.

With everything working at optimal levels, we offer an operation manual for every piece of equipment used in the overall project. One of our swimming pool technicians also walks our clients through the process of maintaining the water quality and equipment to ensure an easy transition into the new lifestyle a luxury swimming pool provides.

Explore our portfolio and services

Before contacting us for a free consultation, explore our extensive virtual portfolio for inspiration and discovery. Our interactive project tour allows you to see our work from different perspectives while allowing you to see the power of our design software. You can also see how much we care about offering our clients the very best

Request one of our brochures for an idea as to what you can expect from our design team.



To learn about how our process works for any project, you can read through our FAQs.​

Featured Photo by Engin Akyurt

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