As you will see from our brochure, what we offer here at L’Azure is something special. Our extensive experience in both architecture and swimming pool design shines in every project that we do, and the advanced technologies we use to showcase those creations is equally impressive. Our ability to create life-like 3D renders of our projects that can be virtually toured by use of a VR system is unparalleled in the luxury swimming pool industry. What you will see throughout the catalogue are images taken directly from our software. You’ll get a sampling of the types of projects we excel at, as well as insights into how we present our project designs to our clients. Our VR system provides photorealistic architectural visualization unlike anything you have seen before. 

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Our primary focus is to create 3D designs that reflect the finished product to an incredible level of accuracy. We want our clients to know exactly what they are getting before they get it. Not only do the levels of detail and interactivity go a long way in creating confidence in our skills and expertise but they also reduce the unknowns that are almost always a source of stress when taking on large projects. When our clients take an immersive VR tour through one of our designs, the reaction is always one of surprise and appreciation.

The effects that come from the levels of realism we achieve with our design software are far reaching. Not only can weather conditions, lighting, and time be adjusted, but materials and colours can be modified as well. Virtually every aspect of the design can be adjusted to achieve perfect results. Other design choices that our clients enjoy include custom mosaic patterns, sound features, and furniture layouts. All of which assist in creating the perfect atmosphere for wellness and relaxation.

In fact, using our advanced software, our clients are able to see what every aspect of a project will look like at any time of day or night, and at any time throughout the year. Whether it’s to see how the light will bounce off a particular wall texture in February, ensure that the bright summer sun won’t create any uncomfortable glares, make sure that light and shadow work together harmoniously throughout the year to create the perfect atmosphere for wellbeing and relaxation, or anything in between, our software takes the guesswork out of the planning process.  

The assurance that comes from having so much control over the design features makes the decision-making process faster and easier than ever before. Our clients enjoy the ability to commit with confidence. When it comes to the design packages that we have available for swimming pools, saunas, or steam rooms, there are a number of different possible solutions that our clients can choose from. Options range from basic drawings and concepts to the deluxe package which includes everything we offer. We believe in providing services at levels that our customers expect, be it basic or the complete package. 

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