The Grand Designs Lighthouse Disaster

Grand Designs is a show loved by the team here at L’Azure. The amount of work, planning and time that goes into each project is something we hold in the highest respect. However, if you watched the recent lighthouse episode of Grand Designs, we’re sure you join us saying it was of the saddest episodes of the show we’ve seen so far.

The tragic events followed a family who wanted to build an elaborate light-house style property on a cliff side. Everything that went wrong pretty much did, right from the start. From issues with funding to them having to build and then sell and alternative property to keep funding alive, it was never finished.

The glass-edge infinity pool, statement rotunda building and £200,000 worth of triple glazing windows were all part of an incredibly ambitious project with a budget of close to £4 million. After spending £3 million on the property, money ran out and it would take another £2 million to finish.

Things got so bad that the nerve-wrecking events caused the family to split up and ended up with a property that no one could actually live in because of the hazardous building site next door.

The tragic series of events as a family tried to realise the fathers ‘boyhood dreams’ is an important lesson in preparing yourself for the worst and managing your expectations. Something might seem like a great idea in your head and then turn out to be a disaster in reality. Being realistic is an important part of design and development.

Just as important as keeping your expectations realistic is having people around you with expert knowledge who can inform you of when you’re not being realistic. We’d have done things a bit differently if we’d been a part of the deluxe and very ambitious project.

The overall project could have used some alternatives, such as the infinity pool being so large and taking up so much outdoor space. We’d have used our expert insight into luxury design to provide alternatives to the client and recommend the best one for them. It’s possible that this is what happened, but the choice is always with the client as to how to move forward.

The thing that makes us stand out from every other design company is our ability to show you the finished project before it’s even started. Our visualisation services provide our client with a rendered image depicting the scene and space that we’re designing for them. Services like this can be of great benefit to any person or company with a grand design in mind.

Gaining clarity in your choices and allowing for unlimited design changes, each of which can be checked with the software in a range of light, weather and styles, can make the difference between success and disaster.

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