Sauna vs Steam Room

Although some people often get saunas and steam rooms mixed up, they do have some pretty distinct differences. The main difference between a sauna and steam room is that a sauna uses dry heat and a steam room uses ‘wet’ heat. This means that a steam room has a much higher humidity and a whole host of related benefits.


Saunas are often wooden cabins or structures that are heated by a heater rather than by water. With internal or external heaters, the sauna can be of any size, but we do recommend it be big enough for two people to lie down in it.

The benefits of saunas mostly lie with increased and constant heat that you’re subjected to while inside. A great choice for relaxing and loosening muscles as well as easing aches and pains or old injuries, the sauna is a simple yet effective way o get fast health benefits. There are considered to be additional benefits to saunas, including increased circulation to the the heat dilating the blood vessels and arteries, and relaxation.

The main reason to choose a sauna over a steam room is space, cost and to get the benefits of heat without the trouble of humidity.


Unlike saunas, steam rooms can’t be made from wood. They need to be constructed from materials other than wood due to the high levels of humidity. Their unique design and construction also requires specialist features to ensure comfort and optimal function of the room. As well as preventing condensation by heating any windows, there also needs to be a perfectly calibrated air filtration system to ensure the steam levels don’t get too high, making it harder and more uncomfortable to breathe.

Steam rooms are heated using boiling water, which produces steam. This steam is trapped in the steam room to maximise the health benefits you get from it. The health benefits gained from steam rooms come mostly from the use of heated water, which is why they have so many more benefits than a sauna.

Steam rooms can do wonders for the skin, opening up the pores and releasing oils and toxins to leave you looking radiant. They also help to improve circulation and have been rumoured to improve cardiovascular health and aid in weight loss.

Which One Is Better?

It really depends on your specific needs and individual requirements. Steam rooms have more health benefits but are more complicated and expensive to build, most commonly being made from ceramic tiling. Many of our clients opt for both a steam room and sauna so they can enjoy the heath and style benefits of both. We can work with you to create matching rooms that blend with the surrounding property perfectly.

It’s also a great idea to add in feature showers, plunge pools or ice fountains to help you cool off and enhance the overall experience, all of which can be designed especially for you.

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