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My name is Alex, the founder of L’Azure Consultancy. Together with my wife, Larisa, we started this ambitious company. Our goal is to provide the best consultancy, design and build services in the industry.

Good is just not good enough for us. We want every single project we work on to be spectacular!

This is why I taught myself to use the most advanced technologies in architectural visualisation. By simulating the space, we let our clients decide the perfect interior design. They can change all materials, affect lighting and even the weather outside. This will help them to properly create the perfect space to love!

After finishing my studies in architecture, I worked for years as a swimming pool designer. With the skills gained in architecture and swimming pool design I decided to combine them and make best use of them.

I realized the market is in need for our design and build services. Making an in-ground swimming pool is a big commitment. It’s not cheap to build or maintain and can have a serious negative impact on the value of the property if not made properly. Plus, there’s also the risk of illness if not specified accordingly. We make sure that doesn’t happen!

Our advice is always in the best interest of our client.

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