Why Are We the Best Choice?

We are a team of independent designers and consultants who are here to guide you through every stage of your project. That’s what sets us apart from our rivals. Contractors may be hired to build, but that’s where their remit stops. When you choose us to build a pool in your back yard, you can be confident of receiving a whole new level of service. We won’t just design your pool, we’ll also design your entire garden to complement it. Hire us to design your indoor pool and we’ll design your interior too to achieve a seamless effect. That’s something that you can be guaranteed no contractor will do.

Are you planning to hire an architect to help design your pool or wellness area? While they will be an expert in their own field, they’re unlikely to be able to offer you any advice on subjects such as filtration, heat efficiency, plant room equipment or cost-efficiency. When you choose our expert team, you can be confident that your project is in experienced hands. We’ve designed more than a hundred luxury pools as well as dozens of saunas and steam rooms. That puts us in the perfect position to offer you comprehensive advice on every aspect of your project.

Unlike contractors who take the cheapest and easiest route, we ensure that not only the construction of your pool and wellness area are of the highest quality but that they will also represent excellent value, be cost-efficient, safe and, above all, aesthetically pleasing. Since you can expect your pool to last for at least three decades, it makes sense to use our expert service!

Meanwhile, our interior and garden design service helps you to fall in love with your home all over again. Our revolutionary design process is intuitive and unique in the UK, and we’re very proud to say we’re your number one choice if you want to have the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of.

What You Can Expect from Us

Our design and consultancy experts are uniquely placed to be able to offer two distinct specialised services, each with its own distinct approach and procedures. Our swimming pools and wellness service is a completely different discipline to our interior and garden design service, however, thanks to our expertise, you can choose to take them independently or together so they complement each other.

Our quotes for both services include:

  • Only Design Consultancy with optional Visualisation. We make all designs and visuals in-house so we can give you a precise timeframe for completion. If you want to see how your project will look before you commit, this is the option for you.
  • Consultancy and Project Management – our Design & Build service. We take responsibility for finding the most skilled subcontractors who will carry out the work and manage your project throughout its duration. If you want an entirely hassle-free experience, this is the option for you since we will take care of every aspect of your project.

How We Cost Our Projects

Our projects are priced depending on the estimated number of hours we expect them to take. However, if your project turns out to take longer than estimated, we will continue to provide our services without any additional payment being required.

Our pricing includes:

During the Consultancy Phase:

  • A minimum of 4 meetings to survey the site, to demonstrate design presentations and to discuss finishes and furnishings.
  • Inspirational mood boards.
  • Plans sections and details for construction following final approval.
  • 3D views for every space to help give a better understanding of the proposed concept.

We find that sometimes, classic drawing designs are insufficient to give a true representation of how your project will look when completed. We stand out from the crowd by also offering a real-time VR visualization service so you can see a truly realistic simulation of your project with the opportunity to freely explore the space.

During the Visualisation Phase:

Our optional visualisation service is above and beyond the typical design services offered by most other UK companies in this industry. If the entire cost of your project amounts to £250,000 or more and the life expectancy of your project is greater than five years, this option represents the best value for money and will guarantee you the best possible experience.

To demonstrate just how excellent the value of this service is, take a look at the following comparison:

Most companies charge £1,500 – £2,500 for every rendered image. When you bear in mind that you require a minimum of two angles to get a clear idea of how each room of your project will look, you can see how quickly those costs will mount up. Meanwhile, the cost of our cutting-edge visualisation service is the same as that of just 10 rendered images! That makes it an extremely cost-effective choice.

What is included in this cost?

  • Real-time simulation of your completed project. You can change all the materials during this process to give you a clear final look and feel of any exterior or interior.
  • Flythrough UHD video
  • Virtual Reality imagery and videos
  • 360 UHD imagery and videos
  • An unlimited number of rendered images from any angle
  • Both day and night lighting scenarios

During The Management Phase:

  • Selective tendering to an approved list of highly-skilled, reliable subcontractors based on their excellent track record. (Should you wish to use your own choice of contractors, this is entirely at your own discretion.)
  • Negotiating the tendering with your best interests in mind.
  • Creation of the construction management plan that will be used and implemented to manage the construction works on site.
  • Liaison with the subcontractors in accordance with the approved Design Plan and Budget.
  • Regular site visits
  • Status reports that will be issued to you to reflect the onsite progress being made by all subcontractors until the project is completed.

All our prices are shown on our website with no hidden fees or extra charges. For complete peace of mind, you can decide on your own what budget to assign for our services. Visit our Pricing page here:

Alternatively, you can request a personalised quote to be sent to you. See below.

Request A Personalised Quote

If you’re planning to modify your home interior, garden or build a pool, you might want to find out how much it will cost.

Please fill in the relevant questionnaire for us to understand your needs and requirements in order for us to provide you with a personalised quote. It should take a few minutes to complete. However, if you find talking with us more appropriate, then give us a call on 0238 097 0801 and we will do it together.

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